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Walking Club

Mall Walking is currently suspended, due to COVID-19, until further notice.

Westland Shopping Center welcomes you and is committed to supporting you in a more active lifestyle.


Walking for exercise has increased in popularity due to its enormous benefits, low stress to the body and ease with which it can be done. Westland Shopping Center opens its doors prior to regular operating hours to accomodate people who wish to walk for exercise. Westland's climate controlled environment makes walking for exercise safe and comfortable all year round.


Walking begins at 7:00 am and the doors at Arcade 2 (by Olga's Kitchen) are open for this purpose Monday thru Saturday. All other doors are locked until approximately 8.30am. On Sunday, all doors are opened at 10am. Please do not open locked doors for others; the doors are alarmed until opened by our Security Department.


To Become a Member of Westland Walkers:

Register to become a walker by filling out a Registration Card at Guest Services. Monthly mileage cards, which track the miles you walk each day, are also available. Periodically, incentives and prizes are awarded based on accrued mileage. All mileage on these cards should be miles that you walked inside the Westland Shopping Center only. Deposit the mileage cards in the Walkers’ Box at Guest Services.



• Walking the mall with all the arcades (hallways) should be considered ¾ of a mile.

• Walking the mall without all arcades (hallways) should be considered ½ a mile.


Please consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. Remember to stretch before starting to walk. Please be courteous to the Westland Shopping Center staff. For your own safety, please avoid all roped or sectioned off areas.